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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  June 15, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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that is definitely warm and mostly cloudy skies. not seeing many showers but we could see a couple of showers, better chance of showers and thunderstorms, comes later tonight overnight tonight into your wednesday. some of the shower activity we had moving in our direction yesterday, slid off to the south along a station their boundary that is sags to the south. that moving to the south is allowing for the cooler air to move n it could be moving in the afternoon or evening. 70 degrees at noon and topping out around 82 degrees for the high. 77 back as temperatures drop off a little bit at 6:00 p.m., again with a chance of a stray shower here and there. we talk more about the increasing thunderstorm chances coming overnight and for your wednesday in a bit. right now candace dold has the traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. an easy drive so far, perfect conditions out there and we're checking in on 95. you can see that is the case traveling through whitemarsh right now, just a few cars that are starting to trickle in there, both the northbound and
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the southbound lanes all the way down toward the beltway. as for the beltway, we're in the green from 95 up toward 83, 11 minutes right now 54 mules per -- miles per hour and the same speed with only an 8 minute clip from 883, to 795. down toward 95, there's nothing to complain about. 11 minutes right now 55 miles per hour. that's a look at your morning travels, patrice, back over to you. thank you, candace. 5:31 on fox 45 early edition. as oil continues to spill into the gulf of mexico this morning, lawmakers are trying to hold bp accountable for that massive el spill. president barack obama is addressing the nation tonight. he is getting back from his 4th trip to the gulf coast region. this time he wasn't alone. three members of maryland's congressional delegation got a firsthand glimpse. megan gilliland with what they saw and if this spill will affect our region. >> reporter: this is a live look at the oil gushing into the
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gulf of mexico. up until last week some of the maryland lawmakers had only seen these images. now three of them got a firsthand account of the smells and sights of what they call a an environmental desaster. senator ma cul ma mick cull 6 ms saw an area impacted from ocean city to richmond, virginia. every we are with we saw was oil, and the consequence of oil. i will always oppose offshore drilling off the mid-atlantic coast. >> she was is shored that neither maryland beaches nor its seafood industry will be impacted. but the costs continue to skyrocket. the white house says bp has agreed to set up a compensation
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fund for people along the gulf coast. the oil giant says costs for the spill have now reached $1.6 billion. newly released bp documents show that just days before all of this happened an engineer with the company called it a nightmare well. the president will address the nation tonight with the oil spill. you can watch his speech live at 8:00 p.m. here on fox 45. megan gilliland, fox 45 early edition. the president of the chesapeake foundation says president obama should outside the oil spill as a call for conservation. baker is also calling on the president to permanently ban drilling off the mid-atlantic coast. we are following a developing story out of anne arundel county this morning. police discover an below sieve device at a home in crofton
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overnight t happened around 3:00 morning on falls way drive. police say they found a plastic bottle filled with black powder, bbs and a fuse. the bomb did not detonate and no one was injured, we will bring you the latest on the story as it becomes available. a baltimore police officer charged with first-degree murder is ordered held without bail. he is accused of killing a former marine outside of a baltimore nightclub after a confrontation turned into 12 shots hitting the victim. joel d smith is live at the viewing place for tyrone brown after the attorney for the officer claims this was all self-defense. >> reporter: very interesting. as people come in here at 8:15 this morning to pay their final respects to tyrone brown, no doubt they will be talking about what the attorney says this was self-defense. first-degree murder charges have been filed against the officer, tshamba. he turned himself in after being
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a in hiding for a few days. now he is in custody and yesterday for the first time his attorney addressed the first-degree murder charges saying tshamba was acting in self-defense. police officers say that the officer was off-duty when a female friend got up after being groped by tyrone brown. that is when tshamba identified himself as a police officer and confronted brown. the officer's attorneys claims there's more to the story than police are telling. >> he is being served up on a silver platter. i think that the police department is using him as purell to show how saying we are using him to wash our hands of all of misdeeds that any other officer has done in the past. they're using him to earn credit with the public. >> reporter: the family was critical of the officer, and you see them there, they were at a vigil recently. the attorney once again, for
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officer tshamba says he was not running from the law but was scared in the wake of the shooting. if thown found guilty tshamba cd face the life sentence. the family and friends will pay their respects to tyrone brown and the funeral and wake is tomorrow. joel d smith, fox 45 early edition. two men accused of beating an elderly fishermen because of his race are due in court today. they are facing several charges including first degree assault and submitting a hate crime in connection with the beating ofistic james prevot. they beat privot with a bat and left him for dead. they said, this wouldn't have happened if this was a white
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man. a 3rd accomplice, 16 years old daniel miller was found guilty last year. grocers are standing together against a proposed bottle tax. at a rally, those opposed to the tax came together outside of the buy right supermarket. they said that the 4-cent tax would amount to extra costs that their business cannot afford. >> we are not large so we don't get any of the benefits that large grocers get, nor are we, very, very small. we are in the middle section. and the middle people like a lot of folks in the middle-class are feeling that crunch. >> the city council is considering the tax as a way to help close a $121 million deficit. while debate over the bottle tax continues, the city council did give approval to several other tax hikes yesterday. some of those include, raising the parking tax, hotel tax and energy tax. >> we have to raise these fees
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and these taxes or else you will see rec centers closed. you will see less police officers and firefighters on the streets. so we have to do it. >> the council also approved a tax on vacant properties, outdoor advertising and telecommunications, meaning your cable bill could go up. the council also gave preliminary approval to a proposal that will drastically reduce pension pay outs. it could increase the retirement age for future highers. union officials complain that nearly 3,000 police and firefighters already working for the city also will be affected. >> they're not looking to lessen the impact of our pension system. they're looking to strip benefits away from the hard working men and women police and firefighters of the city. >> the unions have already filed a lawsuit to stop those changes. a federal committee upholds the current policy preventing gay men from donating blood.
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the 9-6 vote to keep the ban goes to the fda which has the final say. some say the ban discriminates against gays. the red cross says the ban should be lifted. >> the testing for hiv and hepatitis is so good nowadays that after a year we have a good suspenders to test for the antibody itself to the virus and the virus in someone's blood stream n the re. >> the red cross says it will follow whatever decision the fda makes. coming up record-setting spending with no end in sight. that is ultimately, i think america could lose the die mannism and creativity that defines us. >> what that means for your every day freedom. a stationary boundary has moved to the south that is allowing for cooler temperatures
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5:41 now on fox 45 early edition. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig and
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see what we can exech exempt ase head out and get about our business. >> it's a mild but the temperatures won't be climbing to 90s today. take a look at the sky hd radar and you're seeing dry conditions right now but you may see a couple of showers later in the day. we have warm air moving in to some degree with the cooler air aloft that might produce a shower here and there, but the frontal boundary that is approaching leaves a better chance tonight into your wednesday. here is a look at things in motion. the showers tried to move in yesterday but most of them steer to the south as the stationary boundary stays to the southern part of our state, and settles around the north carolina, virginia border. it's allowing for cooler air to move in, when i say maybe, we are going to see a northeast flow that is in the 80s, it won't be in the 90s, it will be cooler even though it won't be cold or cool.
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74 degrees, that is warm to start the day, 76% relative humidity and the barometer is rising and 29.66. here is the dew point. for the time being it's humid still but that humidity value should drop with the northerly flow. 74 degrees is the temperature in baltimore, 72 in d.c., 72 in salisbury and as you can see here is the stationary boundary that we are speaking off t of te south. it will allow for drier air so it won't be as humid. even actually the showers to the west could work their way in as the frontal boundary meanders to the north. we look at the chance into the morning of showers, with even thunderstorms, too. the best chance of thunderstorms comes tomorrow afternoon, evening as the cold front follows. that one a little bit more vigorous and has more energy so a better chance of thunderstorms comes tomorrow. bind it thbehind it the high pre begins to build. heifer ihere is what we got for.
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a 10-20-mile-an-hour wind. it will be breezy. to the central part of the the state it could get breezy at times. the temperatures start in the 70s just don't climb nearly as much today with the shower chance in the afternoon as the frontal boundary grins to move a little -- begins to move a little bit further north. we have the best chance of thunderstorms comes earlier in the afternoon, probably most of us holding off until later tonight to see the thunderstorms, though. 72 degrees, starting out, 78 at noon, not a huge climb. we get to the high of 82 degrees, around 3-5:00 and back off at 77 degrees. again, it could be a shower, but we expect light showers this afternoon if there are any. tonight the better chance of showers and thunderstorms especially late night and overnight. 66 for the overnight low. as we move through the next 7 days, tomorrow the best chance of thunderstorms, about a 60% chance and the thunderstorm accompanied by cooler temperatures than we have seen but around average for this time of year.
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87 degrees and partly cloudy to mostly clear skies for thursday. 89 as the heat returns for the weekend and sunny skies then. then mostly sunny and 91 degrees for saturday, the chance of those showers and thunderstorms return for sunday as the next front perks into th pushes into. into monday, 89 degrees then. iradar is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track incoming storms. the interactive tools will let you know when rain or thunderstorms will be over your house. go to and click on iradar. now candace dold is back with another look at your traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we haven't had too many issues to talk about out there on the roadways. 50 miles per hour right now on 95 traveling through whitemarsh at 63 on the jfx and 65 on the beltway through the pikesville region. there's trouble further down. we want to show you what the area looks like. it's a crash on the inner lanes
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of the beltway and you can see that activity and causing a bit of a slow down. be aware that it you will find. that it could grab your attention scooting through the area. as for the other main lines, there's nothing getting in your way from 95, traveling on the beltway all the way toward 395 up toward the stadium and eventually near the fort mchenry tunnel. we need to talk about an incident, there's utility work that shuts down two right lanes at hamilton avenue. you will want to use bel air road as the alternate route. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back to you. coming up in the 6:00 hour, a city officer charged with murder. the chances he could face the death penalty. but next, run away spending. with american freedoms on the
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every day the united states falls another $4.9 billion in debt. that record spending means more government involvement in our every day lives. in today's cover story, jeff barns looks at the cost of control. >> reporter: the united states deficit recently hit a milestone. we're $13 trillion in debt with deficits spending still increasing not slowing. >> but instead of bringing a
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fiscal standards to washington like he promised. president obama has spent taxpayer dollars with reckless abandonment and pushing the burden on to future generations. >> reporter: fewer people are shouldering that burden. this year, 47% of americans paid no income tax. 40 million people now rely on food stamps, a 21% increase from only a year ago. temporary help, the president says as the economy continues to recover. >> if there's one thing on which the people of this great country have convinced me is that the united states of america will recover stronger than before. >> reporter: but policies being enacted now will reach far beyond this temporary recession. the health reform package for the first time gives the government unprecedented control over care. >> you have people who are literally dying, federal citizens dying. you standby and let them die or do you try to do something to
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help them? >> reporter: the administration isn't stopping on health reform. it's working on a bill that will impose new regulations on the banking industry. it's also considering nor regulation of the internet and the passage of the climate bill that could make energy costs skyrocket. >> the intrusiveness of government, and the spending of government and the deficit that the obama administration is creating are swamping the private sector. he has -- the president that is has deepened and lengthened the down turn. >> reporter: those concerns the president says are dumbfounded. >> too much government can burden us with debt. poorly designed regulations can choke off competition and the capital that businesses need to thrive. >> reporter: the policies cost money, a lot of money. the stimulus packages, the banking and the auto industry bail out and healthcare reform are digging america's finances
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into a deeper hole. >> the deficit for this year, will be over a trillion dollars and they now project that the deficit will be a trillion dollars for the next 10 years for as far as the eye can see. >> reporter: that financial expansion gives the government more control over what used to be considered private concerns. some of the most outrageous examples, the fda intending to label cheerios a drug because of the serial's claims cereal claims of reducing cholesterol or stopping the conference realignment. big brother to some, but to others a question of morality. >> government has a role. think private industry needs to be allowed to move forward slow, but you need to have government regulation and that is where the government comes. >> the dangers vary by each intervention, but ultimately, i
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think america can lose the die dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit that has defined us. imagine getting paid to drink. >> how one man landed a job as a professional beer taster. and next, the orioles hope that the west coast will bring t
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good morning, everybody. here is your first look at sports. the ravens had expected to be into their final ota of the spring but the nfl put that away from them for violating the rules governing intensity and the tempo and off season drills. the complex is quiet at owings mills this week. training camp opens on july 27th in westminister. there's good news to go with some bad. a rookie nakamura says he is at 90%. he says it's a matter of conditioning at this point and should be ready to go when training camp reopens. wither ricwith eric reid rehabb. very good news from college football, texas has turned down an offer to switch to the pack 10 conference.
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they say they would rather remain in the big 12. oklahoma, texas a&m, and oklahoma state are likely to stay as well. this could derail the anticipated melt down of the big 12. nebraska and colorado left last week. the conference looked dead in the water. now it's looking very alive indeed. the orioles made a roster move before they left for the west coast. their best pitcher in 2009, morgan ferguson, and they need the spot for simon ho i who hasn coming off the disabled list. and ferguson sounds resigned to his fate. >> of course, i'm not happy about the situation, but what is done is done. you know, there's no grudges that are held here. i have to get down and work my butt up to get back in here. >> i think we're doing him a disservice by keeping him at the bull pen. this guy is a starter for a long time. he noodz t needs to get down an.
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we use him for a couple of innings. he has been there a couple of times, so i think for him, i think the best thing is for him to go down there and pitch, and get back to, so the guy we know we saw here and hopefully he will be joining us at some point. >> the world cup, the defending champions in south africa, italia who defeated france, had his first match taking on paraguay. and they strike first. in the 35 minutes, pa paraguay shoots it and heads for the gol. and in the 66 minutes, italia off to the corner, and sticks at the game tied at 1, and it stayed tied throughout. and the from the park, lot watched and the made the historic save. played to a draw 1-1 to the
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now on fox 45 morning news. i will never enjoy walking these streets anymore. >> a suspect in custody in the murder of an off-duty state
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trooper. why this man isn't the only one facing charges. i promise you this, that things are going to start -- >> president obama taking matters into his own hands. what he is doing about the oil spill in the gulf. london, ohio to the eye. >> it's a tough job but somebody has got to do it. how this man sport a gig as a professional beer taster. good morning. it's tuesday, june 15th. this is the golf course where our meteorologist emily gracie is this morning. we will check in with her with how being at that golf course can help to beat cancer. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig who is here with a look at the forecast. it looks like the


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